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We strongly believe, that we live in an era of endless possibilities. The next decade will redefine us as a society, challenge our economy and the world we live in: exponential technologies, the digital transformation of numerous core industries and the ecological challenges that we are faced due to climate change and resource shortages are challenges, that need to be answered through innovation.


You have an idea that has the potential to redefine an industry from the ground up and are seeking for some guidance? Join our incubator program!  During the three to six months program, you will work three days in our venture development projects and experiences as a part of our Venture Development teams in client or portfolio projects, what it takes to bring ideas to reality. The other two days you will work on your idea and be accompanied by our customized mentoring program.

What we seek for: People driven by the desire to drive positive change through the power of innovation and become an entrepreneur in the future. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what experiences you bring or what your background is. The only thing we are looking for is your desire to bring an unconventional solution for a real problem to life. 

What we offer: A steep learning curve through the part-time work in our portfolio companies and client projects, a mentoring program tailored to your needs, free time for the work on your own idea in modern office space in Hamburg and with a little luck a trip to Silicon Valley in one of our projects – all rounded up with a competitive salary that enables you to go all-in with your idea. 

What we expect: Drive, passion, entrepreneurial thinking & game-changing ideas! We do not take any equity in your company or claim IP rights to your idea. Our motivation? Helping young aspiring entrepreneurial minds bringing ideas to reality that solve real world problems. 


Woundioun Sissoko

(1st Batch Autumn 2018)

During my time in the Freshbird Venutres Incubator I was able to shape my idea and work in exciting client projects and portfolio companies at the same time: from platform optimization, digital marketing funnels up to product development cycles I experienced first hand, what “entrepreneurship” is really like. Besides the work for Freshbird Ventures I shaped my idea, conceptualized my prototype and finally closed my first investment round for my startup yamuntu. Phil and his team mentored me on my way and I can recommend every aspiring founder to apply for the incubator.

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Are you interested in the Freshbird’s Incubator Program? We are looking forward to getting to know you personally and receiving your application via the contact form or e-mail! Please include your preferred entry date and explain the idea you are passionate about.

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