About us

The Freshbird’s Mission

Change through innovation

We strongly believe, that we live in an era of endless possibilities. The next decade will redefine us as a society, challenge our economy and the world we live in: exponential technologies, the digital transformation of numerous core industries and the ecological challenges that we are faced due to climate change and resource shortages are challenges, that need to be answered through innovation. And together with our partners and clients, we wanna play an active role in that change. We therefore are guided by the deep desire to drive positive change through the power of entrepreneurship guided by our strong core values. Therefore we team up with corporate innovators, venture funds, private equity investors, entrepreneurs, makers, scientists & research facilities around the world to bring ideas to reality.

What we are skilled at

  • Scouting start-up, spin-off and scale-up companies and technology to strengthen innovation portfolios and digital growth through strategic acquisitions and investment 99% 99%
  • Development, implementation and management of new ideas and business models within innovation portfolios through rapid prototyping and data driven decision making: build, measure, learn. Repeat. 94% 94%
  • Driving long-lasting change in corporations and regions by building entire innovation ecosystems that are build around (regional or technological) innovation communities. 96% 96%
  • Seeing what’s next: new business models, disruptive technology and changes in cultural, customer and market needs.  97% 97%
  • Building bridges between (corporate) venture capital & private equity investors and entrepreneurs  91% 91%
  • What we call the “Innovation Circus”: power point presentations, extensive meetings without results, listening to “digitization panels” without getting into action immediately, “open spaces” where you can’t feel any passion 10% 10%

No big talk,

100% action!

We are passionate entrepreneurs who practice what they preach: no big talk, just action. We have been there and have done everything that we talk about before. We do not hunt for the next deal, but are driven by the desire to drive positive change and solve problems through the power of innovation.  

About the Founder

CEO & Founder

Phil Mertes is a passionate digital entrepreneur and venture developer, with background in product management, law and private equity that helps organizations and funds building new ventures and revenue streams. His journey into the digital business world started during an overseas stay in Silicon Valley in his early 20s. With over 8 years entrepreneurial experience, Phil has mastered the art of bringing ideas to market, starting from prototype development, to first market tests close to the customer and beyond. Furthermore he serves as a member of numerous advisory boards for public entities, venture funds as well as in spin-off and startup companies.

Let’s build the future together!

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