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The world needs more big and visionary solutions to real world problems impacting humanity. The #202X decade will redefine our economy and the world we live in. Converging technologies set us on the path to solve our world’s biggest challenges. Challenges that need to be answered through the power of innovation.

Until now, these challenges have been approached by the “X” programs of the major tech players, governmental programs or (mostly) not at all. We need a new kind of thinking and investing in innovation.

     The Venture Studio Model

By leading with fresh and bold ideas, venture studios effectively combine the disruptiveness of a startup with the necessary stability of an experienced team and resources to build and grow ventures that require decade long roadmaps. 

It’s time to let the bird fly

Envision. Validate. 

Launch. Grow.

Freshbird Ventures is a pioneering European Venture Studio designed to envision, validate and launch disruptive new ventures. With partners like multinational Corporations, Research Facilities, Venture Funds and Private Equity Investors around the world, we build, scout and invest in new ventures. Our expertise combines in-depth venturing knowledge in the intersection of product development, market insight, entrepreneurial experience and a profound understanding of the driving forces and trends of the future.

Trusted by 50+ Partners like

promising Ideas

Passionate Talent

Entrepreneurial Experience

Access to Capital

Venturing Knowledge

fast time-2-markets

100% passion and the ambition to be part of the solution!

How to Venture with us

With Freshbird Ventures, you partner up with serial venture builders and seasoned entrepreneurs while leveraging your corporate, scientific or creative assets. Discover new market opportunities, challenge industries with a spin-off, build a new business unit with a corporate startup, scout new ventures for your (corporate) innovation portfolio that fit your strategic needs or test a new minimum viable product in record time.

The journey

Build a new venture

in 6 to 12 months

Envision, validate, launch and or grow a new venture: our plug-and-play & on demand venturing services are designed to guide you to your next venture.

Get rapid results with our in-depth venturing expertise at the intersection of product development, market insight mapping, entrepreneurial experience and a profound understanding of the driving forces of the future. Unlock your growth potential and leverage your (corporate) assets by teaming up with an experienced, lean and entrepreneurial-minded team.





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